Marked - Sarah Fine

I read through "Marked' In one night.

While on Skype with my fiance and my best friend. Here's a hint of how much I dove into the book: I don't remember any of my conversation with them aside from the "Goodnights" and "Love you"'s.


The idea of Keres (those that mark people for Death) and Ferry's (Those that ferry them off) not completely bonding, but making a decent relationship out of the different parts of their hands in death, fascinated me.


I absolutely LOVE Cacy and her snarky, no bullshit way of handling both her very personal family business and being a paramedic too. I don't think I could ever handle it, but the character takes it with sarcasm, sass and simple bullshit when she needs to spit it.


I recommend this to ANYONE who wants something to drop into. It comes out in January and I got a preview as a Prime Member on Amazon.