Love Letters: A Rose Harbor Novel - Debbie Macomber

Jo Marie Rose runs the Rose Harbor Inn. It's her sanctuary after the loss of her husband Paul in Afghanistan. What she never considered was that this would be a sanctuary for other people. Ellie Reynolds, a middle aged woman, has been under the cover of her mother's helicopter way of parenting for far too long and is off to meet a man she feels a connection with- one she made online first. Her mother is worried and reminds her to be cautious. She's determined to see this meeting through and has booked a room at Rose Harbor.


The second bunch of visitors to the inn are a couple: Roy and Maggie Porter. The couple had booked their room only to have relatives call and later put up the money for it. Arriving at the inn presented a whole new set of problems- an angry work driving husband who forgot how to relax- and a wife who just wanted him back.


Jo isn't without looking for information either- even if she'll swear to everyone, including her best friend Peggy, another bed and breakfast owner- that there is nothing romantic leading her to wanting information on the quiet and tight lipped handy man Mark. While the inn seems to be the sanctuary for her- maybe she's not the only one who needs it.


Everyone seems to be hoping to find some love at the Rose Harbor and for once, it might just be happy endings.


Overall, the characters themselves are interesting as is the various ways the characters interact and their individual story lines. I like the setting, gods know I'd love to be somewhere near a harbor right now, it's beautiful. Plot is semi typical for a love story- everyone will find their way by the end, but I like it.


Score: 4/5